Stranded! Tropical Island Survival

May 8th, 2015 - October 18th, 2015

Stranded! Tropical Island SurvivalWhen that three-hour boat tour goes horribly wrong on your island vacation in paradise, a plant might just save your life. Many a famous castaway has survived an unexpectedly long stay on a deserted island by lashing palm fronds together to build shelter, harvesting the clean water found inside bamboo, fashioning a snare from a vine, feasting on papayas and coconuts...

In this new exhibit, visitors “wash up” on an uncharted tropical shore to learn the ins and outs of island survival. Stroll through a living jungle of life-saving plants and discover the best sources of building materials, food and water, even weaponry. See examples of structures and tools—all created with a touch of castaway kitsch. Fun survival facts fill the gallery, including tips for climbing coconut trees and more!